Peter C. Mehlitz peter at transvirtual.com
Wed Feb 25 16:39:13 PST 1998

> Now that it makes sense to ask such questions again, at last: are there any
> plans for kaffe as a JVM add-on for a free www browser?

Yes. I personally would prefer something like a shrink wrapped,
accelerated "HotJava" for kaffe (based on our AWT), but there is no
reason to bring in superfluous obstacles if it comes to external

Within the native layer, I stored the parent of native java.awt.Window
instances in a field and added a function to set it (from the outside).
Our last version of the biss.awt widgets already was aware of
SecurityExceptions (i.e. did not rely on property file access anymore).
For cooperative browsers, this should (almost) be sufficient, but if we
want to use it inside of Netscape, I guess it would require some more
effort. Does anybody know something about that?


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