malloc question

e. lambrecht eml at
Thu Feb 26 11:39:47 PST 1998

> As to the original poster's questions, I suggest setting things up so
> that your Java objects associated with ImageMagick objects contain
> pointer to the image data, then you can just rely on the garbage
> collector and can simply get rid of all free()'s.  For the I/O related
> allocations, you should re-direct those operations through the
> threaded IO calls anyway ---see kaffe/kaffevm/threadCalls.h.

This seems to point me in the direction of recompiling ImageMagick
with adjustments to its header files so that it makes use of the kaffe
file and memory routines. However, ImageMagick also refers to libpng,
libjpeg, libX11, and others, which makes me think I'll have to
recompile those with the new header files as well (they surely use
malloc and file routines as well).

Is there some way I could just exclude the normal 'malloc' and IO
code, and instead link my code to a kaffe C library rather than the
normal C library?

Thanks for your help.


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