Class structure

Michael Schröder Michael.Schroeder at
Fri Feb 27 01:45:58 PST 1998

tullmann at wrote:

> I assume you're looking to store the class objects in ROM?  If you
> store them in CSTATE_OK and just load them directly you should be able

> to fix a majority of the state.  This only works if you ROM all of
> java.* (or equivalent, basically you have to make the whole web of
> inter-related classes constant as every class has resolved class
> and superclass pointers.)

Thank you for your answer.

You are right. I want to store all the classes in ROM. But just putting
the ZIP-file into there
doesn't save me any RAM (which is extremely low on our system) as the
classes still have to
be loaded into RAM during execution. So it would help me if I could
execute them in ROM.

But the web of structures (yes you're right saying it's a web) seems to
a little complicated
to understand. But I'll try it.

In addition I should say that I am only working with Interpreter-mode.
So it seems a lot easier to port the whole thing.

Any kind of help is welcome.



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