illegal instruction on BSDI

Frank Stolze fstolze at
Thu Jan 15 08:36:03 PST 1998

As a followup on this one, a similar error occurs on
OpenBSD 2.2, kaffe 0.9.2, gcc
Kaffe seems to get into some kind of endless loop,
I attached the first 194 (!) frames of a backtrace.


---Rick Summerhill <rrsum at> wrote:
> I've just compiled kaffe on BSDI 3.1, which completely very well, except for
> a minor problem with linking and the naming of libraries.  However, when
> I run the compiler on the "hello world" program, it croaks with an "illegal
> instruction".  Is this a BSDI problem with the installed gcc?
> BTW, I'm just new to the list, so if this has been answered already,
> I apologize.
> --Rick
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