Any way to use 1.1 or BigIntegers on Linux/Alpha?

Gary Howland gary at
Sat Jan 17 12:29:31 PST 1998

> Hello,
> I am developing a Java 1.1 application in which the use of BigIntegers
> is essential, and I would like to use Linux/Alpha as a development
> platform. I know that Kaffe is available for that platform, but, as
> far as I know, it does not support BigIntegers.
> I would greatly appreciate any information on running JDK 1.1 on
> Linux/Alpha (perhaps through EM86?), or using BigIntegers in Kaffe.

Boy, is this an old message to reply to.  But still, here goes ...

I developed a BigInteger in 100% java, but it was also designed to take 
advantage of a native library if one is present.  The interface is different
to Suns, but it shouldn't be too much work to change.

If there is a need for this, then let me know.  Alternatively, just grab the
code from the Cryptix crypto library.


(Oh, and the math code has been in commercial use for over two years, so it is 
relatively bug free.  Except for the fact that the library doesn't handle 
negatives too well (we only use positive ints) :-)

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