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Vik Sohal vik at Lynx.COM
Thu Jan 29 10:04:18 PST 1998

I am certain that this could be done, but you have to consider 2 important factors:

1) It is actually illegal. There is a section of the SUN license about their class files that states that they will not
be broken up for any reason.
2) There are a massive number of interdependencies between classes, so many, that when I ported Kaffe from 1.0.2 to 1.1 I thought it was broken when I had it print out all the classes it actually looked like it had fallen into an endless loop!

An alternative might be for you to use the personalJava and embeddedJava class files. I believe that they are smaller (being designed for such things). 

You might also consider messing with Kore, I am certain they don't have any sort of immutable license applying to it like Sun has ;-)

Good Luck


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> Has anyone yet tried to modify the basic class files in a way they
> > directly be included into the kaffe-binary and do not have to be loaded
> > at runtime ??
> Just curious.. why would you want to do that? I don't think it would
> make kaffe any faster. You also need all the properties files too...
> -Archie

I have a system with extremely low RAM and o lot more space in ROM.
So it would help having the classfiles in ROM in an executable form.
Another problem is that there is actually no filesystem.

If anyone can help me, please feel free to do so.



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