Nathan Lutchansky Nathan_Lutchansky at legis.state.ak.us
Thu Jul 9 10:20:23 PDT 1998

On Wed, 8 Jul 1998, Per Bothner wrote:

> > Cygnus does that pain-in-the-neck translation with text/binary files.
> I don't believe this is something "Cygnus" does.  Rather, it is a very
> mis-guided DOS/Windows-ism.  It seems that it is standard in DOS/Windows

Sorry.  That was a bit unclear.  I just meant that it was a pain to deal
with when working with any binary files.  Personally, I would have make
binary the default and had a flag for text, but I suppose that would be
contrary to the ANSI C specs (at least for fopen).

I finally broke down and mounted my entire Cygwin/UNIX directory without
text translation.  It doesn't bother me to not be able to read my text
files under Windows, so this works for me.  Ah well, as well as the rest
of the Cygwin system works, I suppose there'll be some things we have to
put up with to have a "hybrid" environment such as this.  -Nathan

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