BadFloatTest fails with 0.10.1

Charlie McDowell charlie at
Tue Jul 14 16:04:44 PDT 1998

I'm using the snapshop from the last day or so running on NT4.0. 
I'm running in interpreter mode, not JIT.
Most of the regression tests run but a few don't. I'm currently stuck on
BadFloatTest which produces the following. Any suggestions would be

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: disparate values
	at java/lang/Throwable.<init>(line unknown, pc 0x5)
	at java/lang/Exception.<init>(line unknown, pc 0x2)
	at java/lang/RuntimeException.<init>(line unknown, pc 0x2)
	at java/lang/IllegalArgumentException.<init>(line unknown, pc 0x2)
	at java/lang/FDBigInt.quoRemIteration(line unknown, pc 0x11)
	at java/lang/FloatingDecimal.dtoa(line unknown, pc 0x4d2)
	at java/lang/FloatingDecimal.<init>(line unknown, pc 0xb5)
	at java/lang/String.valueOf(line unknown, pc 0x5)
	at java/io/PrintStream.print(line unknown, pc 0x2)
	at java/io/PrintStream.println(line unknown, pc 0x6)
	at BadFloatTest.main(12)

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