Patches for Kaffe 1.0.b1

Godmar Back gback at
Tue Jul 14 20:39:55 PDT 1998

 Hi Alexandre,

> The other hunks allow the location of zlib, jpeg and gmp's include
> files and libraries to be specified as CPPFLAGS and LDFLAGS.

To add some comment here:

Basically, this is the way to tell configure where your jpeglib.h
or libjpeg.a is.  If it's in /usr/local/include/jpeglib.h and
/usr/local/lib/libjpeg.a, and your gcc doesn't search these paths by default
(FreeBSD's and Solaris's apparently don't), then you would have to
set these variables before invoking configure, like so

	setenv CPPFLAGS '-I/usr/local/include'
	setenv LDFLAGS '-L/usr/local/lib'

and then call configure.  (Actually, you can also set CC to something like:
	setenv CC 'gcc -I/usr/local/include -L/usr/local/lib'

That is the "official", "GNU-blessed" way of doing it, and Alexandre's
patches allow Kaffe to follow these rules.

We will, however, put a patch in place that makes configure a bit
smarter by making it look in places where things like libjpeg often
reside, such as /usr/local.  (In fact, the AC_PATH_X macro is a 
macro where configure does just that: probing and guessing where the
X headers would be)

BTW, the probable reason this hasn't caused problems at Transvirtual
is that their main platform is Linux, and Linux's gcc apparently includes
/usr/local/include|lib in its include/library path.

> Same for IRIX 5.2.  I know it is just a matter of porting
> sysdepCallMethod to MIPS, but you shouldn't claim IRIX/MIPS
> compatibility if it won't run on this platform yet.  

The README file lists IRIX as "some code which used to work but has now 
fallen behind recent changes."  Of course, Transvirtual's web site is
a different issue... ;-)

> I also agree that the script is the best place for setting CLASSPATH.

 One possible drawback: would you still be able to simply type:
"gdb kaffe" or "gdb Kaffe"?

	- Godmar

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