kaffe-1.0.b1 probs on Linux

sung-hun,KIM hunkim at jinsi.kachi.com
Wed Jul 15 05:39:27 PDT 1998

>Sabat  <sabat at area51.org> writes:
>> Hmm.
>>> kkaffe -classpath 
>> /usr/local/share/kaffe/classes.zip:/usr/local/share/kaffe/klasses.zip:/usr/local/share/kaffe 
>> HelloWorldApp
>> Segmentation fault
>You shouldn't use classes.zip any more.  Your classpath must contain
>first Klasses.jar, then pizza.jar, then you may list classes.zip if
>you wish, but should only need it if you want to keep running Sun
>javac, instead of the Java compiler distributed with Kaffe 1.0.b1
But I don't know the reason.
I use JDK ans kaffe for performance test.
My CLASSPATH is /usr/local/java/lib/classes.zip:/us.../Klasses.jar...

CLASSPATH's order is problem in kaffe.

java's classes.zip has any problems?
or kaffe's problem?

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