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Miki London mikilon at lobster.ls.huji.ac.il
Wed Jul 15 06:45:30 PDT 1998

I think it be a good idea to transform all the mailing server dealing 
with Kaffe to some single server.
This way people could get off the list or join it through one place.
I myself am trying to go off for about an year and can't get it done.


On 15 Jul 1998, Alexandre Oliva wrote:

> sung-hun,KIM<hunkim at jinsi.kachi.com> writes:
> >>>> kkaffe -classpath
> >>> /usr/local/share/kaffe/classes.zip:/usr/local/share/kaffe/klasses.zip:/usr/local/share/kaffe
> >>> HelloWorldApp
> >>> Segmentation fault
> >>
> >> You shouldn't use classes.zip any more.
> > But I don't know the reason.
> > I use JDK ans kaffe for performance test.
> > My CLASSPATH is /usr/local/java/lib/classes.zip:/us.../Klasses.jar...
> Kaffe now provides its own implementation of the Java Core API, and it
> is different from the one provided by Sun.Native methods and
> internal representations of classes are different, so you can't expect
> Kaffe to accept the Core API implementation of Sun.
> You may still include classes.zip *after* Klasses.jar, if you still
> wish to run `javac', for example, but this is illegal, because
> classes.zip is not GPL'ed, and you can't link GPL'ed and non-GPL'ed
> code together.
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