Newbie question.

Ben Greear greear at
Wed Jul 15 19:21:28 PDT 1998

I just downloaded the source and ./configured and did a make.

Build worked wonderfully, so did the make install.

However, I'm getting segv when I try to run a program of
mine (compiled with JDK1.1.3).

Not that big of deal, it's beta after all, and who knows how screwy
my code is...but, the wierd thing is that I get no core
file.  I get core files from other programs when I kill -11 them,
so it shouldn't be my environment....

Is there something that I'm missing here?  Perhaps because it's
all launched as shell scripts??

Btw, I'm running Slackware 3.3, kernel 2.0.33 (recompiled myself)
on a Cyrix 155...  Gonna keep messing with it, but if someone can shed
some light on the lack of a core file, it should help me
get hacking on it...


Ben Greear (greear at 
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