Help! Can't install kaffe in the Cygnus Win32 environment!

Bernard Michael Hurley bernard at
Thu Jul 16 11:06:40 PDT 1998

Has anyone managed to install kaffe1.0.b1 in the Cygnus Win32 environment
running under Win95? If I do what it says in the README file I get the
message "configure: error: can not guess host type; you must supply one".
If I try something like:

	./configure --prefix=c:/kaffe i386

I get "configure: error: Configuration i386-none not supported". I can't
get any joy using i386-win32, i386-cygnus, i386-win32-cygnus etc. 

As far as I can tell I have installed the Cygnus bash shell and all the
tools correctly. At least they do more or less what I expect which may or
may not be the same as them doing the correct thing! What am I missing?


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