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David Young dyoung at
Wed Jul 15 22:59:31 PDT 1998

	I have a feeling that the problem is that your CLASSPATH is
misconfigured. What happens to me if my CLASSPATH doesn't include
the Klasses.jar file is that Kaffe runs for a few moments and then
segfaults without any output. I'm also using Linux 2.0.

	It'd be awfully nice if Kaffe would fail more gracefully (or
informatively) when Klasses.jar doesn't precede (or replace) in one's CLASSPATH.


On Jul 15, 19:21, Ben Greear wrote:
> However, I'm getting segv when I try to run a program of
> mine (compiled with JDK1.1.3).
> Not that big of deal, it's beta after all, and who knows how screwy
> my code is...but, the wierd thing is that I get no core
> file.  I get core files from other programs when I kill -11 them,
> so it shouldn't be my environment....
> Is there something that I'm missing here?  Perhaps because it's
> all launched as shell scripts??
> Btw, I'm running Slackware 3.3, kernel 2.0.33 (recompiled myself)
> on a Cyrix 155...  Gonna keep messing with it, but if someone can shed
> some light on the lack of a core file, it should help me
> get hacking on it...
> Thanks,
> Ben
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