Newbie question.

Brian Burton brian at
Thu Jul 16 06:39:56 PDT 1998

David Young wrote:
>         I have a feeling that the problem is that your CLASSPATH is
> misconfigured. What happens to me if my CLASSPATH doesn't include
> the Klasses.jar file is that Kaffe runs for a few moments and then
> segfaults without any output. I'm also using Linux 2.0.
>         It'd be awfully nice if Kaffe would fail more gracefully (or
> informatively) when Klasses.jar doesn't precede (or replace)
> in one's CLASSPATH.

I also had problems at first with a RedHat Linux 5.1 system that had a
kaffe package already installed.  Removing that package made kaffe work
properly.  Probably RedHat's package installed kaffe native libs in the
/lib directory.


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