java/lang/ThreadGroup inconsistent

Kiyo Inaba inaba at
Thu Jul 16 04:00:18 PDT 1998

I noticed that java source 'library/javalib/java/lang/'
and derived header file 'include/java_lang_ThreadGroup.h' are inconsistent.
I mean in the java source we don't have vmAllowSuspension field which
exists in c header file.

If your architecture's alignment for integer is 4, it is not harmful,
but in m68k it is 2 and introduces big chaos.

At the same time we have to delete 1 line in thread.c which refers
this non existent field.

I will send patch for this issue next week including one more bug I
found (but can not be detected when we fix this bug), but for the
time being, I don't have enough time.


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