Building Kaffe 1.0b1 on Win95 with CygWin32

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Please forgive my newbie question, as I am new to kaffe and gnu: Where
do I send details about my 'fixes', and is there any preferred format?
Is a 'patch' simply a description of a fix, or is it some kind of
machine-generated differences file?

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I would urge people to download the latest snapshot if they encounter
a problem and see whether it has been fixed.  Also, the directory
FAQ/FAQ.Known-bugs contains some of the things that are known to be
in doubt or in flux.

This is one of them (that's known to be broken).  Likely fix: look at
.def files in the other directories and copy one over.  It's not in
but should be in tomorrow's snapshot.

> I have been attempting to build Kaffe on Windows 95 using CygWin32 but
> can't get past the following make error:
> dlltool --def ./libmanagement.def --output-exp lib.exp --output-lib
> libmanagement.a --dllname libmanagement.a

About the kludge below:

The reason all these things are still broken is that no Win95/cygnus
person submits a usable patch that a) works and b) explains why it
So if your time allows, it would be nice to have a "real" patch that
fixes these weird #include problems once and for all.

	- Godmar

> Here are the source code changes I have made to get this far, mostly
> fixing the prob with system.h and System.h conflicting:
> c:\kaffe\libraries\clib\native\ObjectInputStream.c(23):#include
> "c:\kaffe\include\system.h" //MHCKLUDGE
> c:\kaffe\libraries\clib\native\ObjectOutputStream.c(21):#include
> "c:\kaffe\include\system.h" //MHCKLUDGE
> c:\kaffe\libraries\clib\native\ObjectStreamClass.c(22):#include
> "c:\kaffe\include\system.h" //MHCKLUDGE
> c:\kaffe\libraries\clib\native\System.c(31):#include
> "c:\kaffe\include\system.h" //MHCKLUDGE
> c:\kaffe\libraries\clib\net\PlainSocketImpl.c(16)://MHCKLUDGE #include
> <netinet/tcp.h>
> c:\kaffe\config\config-io.h(20):#if defined(MHCKLUDGE_HAVE_WINSOCK_H)

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