Building Kaffe 1.0b1 on Win95 with CygWin32

Godmar Back gback at
Wed Jul 22 10:58:17 PDT 1998


I think the best thing is to send them to this list at
kaffe at *and* to kaffe-bugs at  For the latter,
you could use the report-kaffe-bug script in the distribution.

The format should be a unified or a context diff (diff -u or diff -c).
diff is a program that is part of any Unix installation and (I suppose) 
part of the cygnus/win stuff.  Diff is used like so: "diff old new".  
Read the man page.  I don't think there are more "formal" requirements.  

One thing I should add, though:  comment the fixes.  
For instance, changing

#if defined(OPTION_X)
#if 0 && defined(OPTION_X)

without any comment as to why you believe OPTION_X shouldn't be 
honored is something that will most likely be ignored.

	- Godmar

> Please forgive my newbie question, as I am new to kaffe and gnu: Where
> do I send details about my 'fixes', and is there any preferred format?
> Is a 'patch' simply a description of a fix, or is it some kind of
> machine-generated differences file?

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