Bugfixes and Corrections for Kaffe 1.0.b1 / trying to start SWING 1.0.3

Wolfgang Mües wolfgang at wmsickte.escape.de
Fri Jul 24 13:47:57 PDT 1998


regarding my previous postings abourt bugs in Kaffe 1.0.b1, I must apologize
for some false statements:

a) java.util.Hashtable: calling clear() from inside the constructor is indeed a
bug. But the functionality of clear() is not obsolete here, as stated by me.

b) java.util.ResourceBundle: after reading more about this class, I believe
that the code in getBundle() is correct. Sorry. The real bug is inside
getSpecificBundle(). I resolved this bug by using Class.isAssignableFrom()
before I try to call Class.newInstance():

private static Class RBclass = null; 

final private static ResourceBundle getSpecificBundle(String baseName) throws
MissingResourceException {
        baseName = baseName.replace('.', '/');
        try {
                // look up the Class object for ResourceBundle.
                // Not done in static initializer because of recursive call danger.
                if (RBclass == null) RBclass = Class.forName( "java.util.ResourceBundle");

                // now get a Class object for the required Bundle
                Class cls = Class.forName(baseName);

                // we accept only subclasses of ResourceBundle here.
                // this is to avoid naming conflicts with the main application class
                if (RBclass.isAssignableFrom( cls))
                    return ((ResourceBundle)cls.newInstance());
        catch (Exception _) {
        ..... old code continues
other things I have to do to i my attempt to run SWING
a) implement Component.getTreeLock()
b) implement ComponentPeer and LightweightPeer()

Now, after all, I´m stuck in my tries to start SWING 1.0.3 with Kaffe. The
error message is:

java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: SimpleExample.<init>(LSimpleExample;)V
        at SimpleExample.<init>(69)
        at SimpleExample.main(141) 

What is this method signature? Anyone can help me? Can someone give me an email
adress for submitting bug fixes?


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