Porting 1.0.b1 to hpux 10.10

Kiyo Inaba inaba at src.ricoh.co.jp
Sun Jul 26 07:41:59 PDT 1998

>As was pointed out, you have to write it.  This is where the crux of
>every porting effort lies these days.  Writing that will earn you the
>title "Official Kaffe HP-UX Porter".  Your name and your email address
>will appear in common.h for everyone to see. ;-)

Right :-)
If you remember to include your name in comment when you send patch

>Look at i386/common.h, sparc/common.h, m68k/common.h, arm/common.h, and 
>alpha/common.h for examples.

If HP-UX's calling convention is RISC-like (I suspect so), sparc
can be the good starting point. Since RISC-like convention use
several registers specially to pass some arguments.

While the calling convention is CISC-like, m68k can be the good
starting point. You can find a fully assembly language version
in 'config/m68k/common.h' but a heavily gnu-cc dependent version
in 'config/m68k/sunos4/md.h'. The later does similar as sparc
version but not using any special treatment for 'first some
argument'. Thanks CISC architecture :-)

Even though sparc version is more complicated than m68k, it is
much simpler than (ABI based) mips version :-<


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