Porting 1.0.b1 to NEXTSTEP 3.x

Yasuyuki Tsukui tsukui at cpm.canon.co.jp
Mon Jul 27 02:58:54 PDT 1998


I have tried compiling 1.0.b1 on NEXTSTEP 3.3 yesterday.
With several quick fixes, HelloWorldApp ran well.

But most of other more complex .class files failed to run.
Kaffe crashes wierd locations such as rld_load() and gc functions.
I suspect somethig wrong with the threading system or exception handling (i.e.  
setjump and longjump).

Have anyone already resolved this problems?

Yasuyuki TSUKUI
Rokkaku-bashi, Yokohama, JAPAN
mailto:tsukui at cpm.canon.co.jp, ytsukui at airnet.ne.jp

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