Some problems with current Kaffe snapshot on Alpha/Linux

Petter Reinholdtsen pere at
Sun Jul 26 11:35:52 PDT 1998

Here are some notes about the current problems with the current
version of Kaffe (fetched as kaffe-snap.tar.gz today) when trying to
compile it on Alpha/Linux.

I have no knowledge of Alpha assembly, so I hope someone else could
make some use of these notes to get the Alpha port working.


  The macro EXCEPTIONFRAME(f, c) is not correct.  The return value
  from TCTX(currentThread) does not have a struct member exceptPtr

  The macro FIRSTFRAME(f, o) is not correct.  The return value from
  THREAD_CTX() does not have a struct member exceptPtr

  Apply this patch to get the FIXUP_TRAMPOLINE_DECL to match the one
  for i386 and sparc.

diff -ru src-c19980726/config/alpha/jit.h src-c19980726-alphalinux/config/alpha/jit.h
--- src-c19980726/config/alpha/jit.h   Tue Mar 31 21:10:52 1998
+++ src-c19980726-alphalinux/config/alpha/jit.h Sun Jul 26 20:06:35 1998
@@ -93,7 +84,7 @@
      (t)->meth = (m);              \
   } while (0)
-#define FIXUP_TRAMPOLINE_DECL   (Method *_meth)
+#define FIXUP_TRAMPOLINE_DECL   Method *_meth
 #define FIXUP_TRAMPOLINE_INIT   (meth = _meth)
[systems/unix-jthreads/internal.c: void* TnextFrame(void* fm)]

    nfm = (exceptionFrame*)(((exceptionFrame*)fm)->retbp);

  The alpha port doesn't have a retbp member of that struct.

I'll be happy to test any patches or new releases.

Happy hacking,
##>  Petter Reinholdtsen  <##  |  pere at

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