Kaffe, Swing, and NetBeans...

James D. McIninch mcininch at genepro.com
Wed Jul 29 08:18:08 PDT 1998

I've decided to try my hand at using the Kaffe VM.
Thus far, it has not been able to run an application
I myself wrote and that was compiled using the JDK 1.1.6
for Linux with Swing 1.0.3. Running the application
fails with the error:

	java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: java/awt/peer/LightweightPeer

I've also attempted to use Kaffe to run NetBeans. Unfortunately,
trying to do so simply shows that Kaffe loads the all the classes,
but never starts the application. Kaffe does not offer any error
messages, it simply exits without explanation.

Any ideas?

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