Help: Kaffe HelloWorld doesn't run on Cygwin32

Godmar Back gback at
Wed Jul 29 09:15:09 PDT 1998

> Hi,
> I've got kaffe to build on NT 4.0 but get an assertion similar to
> 2443.html 'Re: Porting 1.0.b1 to hpux 10.10', namely: 
> FIOASYNC: Invalid argument
> assertion "mainthread" failed: file
> "./systems/unix-jthreads/internal.c", line 114.
> It runs to jthread.c:jthreadedFileDescriptor.line 1512 ie
> r=ioctl(fd,FIOASYNC,&on) where it returns -1. This eventually causes its
> calling mainthread to assert (internal.c:Tinit().line 114

 If you could tell us for which fd that ioctl is failing, and what the
errno is, that would be great.  Also, does NT define O_ASYNC?  If so,
then there's probably no need to call FIOASYNC if the fcntl(O_ASYNC)

> commenting this out or running without debug produces:

You mean with debug?

> --------------------------snip------------------------------------------
> -------------
> Loading java/io/Writer.class(e:/kaffe/share/kaffe/
> Loading
> java/lang/OutOfMemoryError.class(e:/kaffe/share/kaffe/
> Loading
> java/lang/VirtualMachineError.class(e:/kaffe/share/kaffe/
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> --------------

Seem like you're running out of memory.  A good point to look is
gc_system_alloc in gc-mem.c.  You might also want to check in config.h
which of the alternatives that gc-mem.c tries are available under NT.

	- Godmar

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