Kaffe and Orbix Web

Buick, Robert Robert.Buick at racalinst.co.uk
Thu Jul 30 07:45:29 PDT 1998

I want to get Kaffe running with JacORB, to start with on NT Machines
and then attempt a port to VRTX SA, but as you may see from my messages
to the list, there are problems getting Kaffe to run. I can run Kaffe on
its own using Klasses.jar to print out Hello World, but it doesn't work
with Classes.zip. 
JacORB works fine on its own using Classes.zip using java but falls over
using Klasses.jar with Kaffe.exe JVM.


Rob Buick.

>Has anyone tried to use Kaffe with OrbixWeb (or any other CORBA
>implementation)? I am especially interested in FreeBSD or Linux

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