Kaffe and Orbix Web

Godmar Back gback at cs.utah.edu
Thu Jul 30 08:23:45 PDT 1998

> Orville,
> I want to get Kaffe running with JacORB, to start with on NT Machines
> and then attempt a port to VRTX SA, but as you may see from my messages
> to the list, there are problems getting Kaffe to run. I can run Kaffe on
> its own using Klasses.jar to print out Hello World, but it doesn't work
> with Classes.zip. 
> JacORB works fine on its own using Classes.zip using java but falls over
> using Klasses.jar with Kaffe.exe JVM.

Note that Kaffe must draw its base classes (java.lang., in particular)
from Klasses.jar.  You do not have a choice between classes.zip and
Klasses.jar in that respect. 

At this point, Kaffe's java.io, especially the object serialization part,
is known to be buggy.  This is partly due to bugs in the implementation
of java.io, partly due to the fact that some classes that the specs says
are serializable are not (yet).  Some classes do not have hardcoded
serialVersionUIDs in them, which makes interoperability with Sun difficult.

Here is what I had success with in certain cases:  Take Sun's java.io classes,
Kaffe's Klasses.jar, and top it off with the rest of Sun's classes if needed.  
Your CLASSPATH would look like that:

	..... java/io:Klasses.jar:classes.zip .....

(where you unzipped the java/io directory of classes.zip in java/io!)

	- Godmar

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