NullPointerException in waitCond()

Archie Cobbs archie at
Thu Jul 30 13:10:20 PDT 1998

My application is failing because of a NullPointerException, and a little
debugging show that getLock() is returning NULL in the function waitCond()
in "kaffe/kaffevm/locks.c":

   * Wait on a conditional variable.
  _waitCond(void* addr, jlong timeout)
	  iLock* lk;
	  int count;

  DBG(VMLOCKS,    dprintf("Wait 0x%x on addr=0x%x\n", THREAD_NATIVE(), addr);  )

  #if defined(USE_LOCK_CACHE)
	  lk = ((Hjava_lang_Object*)addr)->lock;
	  lk = getLock(addr);
  printf("Wait 0x%x lk=0x%x from getLock()\n", THREAD_NATIVE(), lk);

	  __waitCond(lk, timeout);
	  return (0);

When I run the program (which uses threads), I get this output:

Wait 0x634038 lk=0x0 from getLock()
        at java/lang/Object.wait(46)
        at java/lang/Object.wait(42)

The NULL return from getLock() is causing the problem (because
the first thing __waitCond() does is dereference it).

This happens completely deterministically, as far as I can tell.
This is kaffe vintage july 29 snapshot (yesterday).
How can I help debug this problem? 

On another note, sometimes Kaffe will not respond to Control-C (SIGINT).
In fact, it often only stops with kill -9 when running a certain application.
What's the theory on how SIGINT is handled?


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