Kaffe 0.10.1, FreeBSD, Bad magic

Mark Huizer xaa at xaa.iae.nl
Tue Jul 7 01:17:33 PDT 1998

The wise Laurent Bossavit produced the following lines:
> > You're using the classes.zip that comes with the FreeBSD jdk port.  
> > Kaffe won't work with that one.  Use the one from Sun's Solaris JDK,
> > version 1.1.5.
> Ah, thanks. I don't have that particular classes.zip, but unzipping
> the one I have and rezipping it worked. Still getting other errors,
> but I'll see what I can do about them. 
Too bad I'm leaving on a 10 day holiday at the moment :-( But since I
want to use the FreeBSD port classes.zip with kaffe, could you keep me
updated on your work, so I can see what I can do about it?

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