Strange behaviour of try..finally

Laurent Bossavit morendil at
Mon Jul 6 20:41:03 PDT 1998

 Hello all,

 Me again. Still trying to get somewhere with Kaffe on FreeBSD. I've
gotten past the '' problem; removed the hard-coded call to
"initializeSystemClass" (I'm using a which doesn't have
it; a good fix would be to only call that initializer if it actually
exists). Passed all the tests in 'make test'. Now getting ready to
use it on a real-world application, Sun's Java Web Server. 

 I'm running into a very weird behaviour with a try..finally construct
which catches an exception in the finally block. The problem boils
down to the following test case :


public class FinalTest {

 public static void main(String[] args) {
  new FinalTest();		

 public FinalTest() {

 public String tryfinally()
  String yuck = null;
  String good = "Perfect";
  try {
   try {
    return good.toLowerCase();
   catch (Exception e) {
   return "I can handle that";
  finally {
   try {
    String x = yuck.toLowerCase();
   catch (Exception e) {}

 Compile and run under JRE or JDK; this outputs "perfect". Compile
and run under Kaffe; this dies with a NullPointerException which the
try..catch construct in the finally block does *not* catch.

 I'll be diving into the code forthwith; naturally though, I'll be
glad if anybody can come up with some idea of why this happens.


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