Error for kaffe-1.0b1 running on Linux 2.0.34

Yan Huang yan at
Thu Jul 16 08:45:52 PDT 1998


I just installed kaffe-1.0b1 on my Linux 2.0.34. However, when I did
"make test" in the $(KAFFE), there are some complains like following,

        at java/lang/ThreadGroup.add(line unknown, pc 0x80b266d)
./TestScript: line 2: 10776 Segmentation fault      $JAVAC -d $DESTDIR $ >$RESULT 2>&1
error compiling

I have no idea about that because I just exactly followed the
instruction in README as "./configure; make; make install". If someone 
there can help me, I appreciate.

Thank you in advance.


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