Kaffe segmentation faults

Tom Torrance at home Root root at tomqnx.com
Thu Jul 16 08:36:33 PDT 1998

I downloaded the latest from www.transvirtual.com last night
and compiled under FreeBSD-2.2-STABLE. It consistently aborts with the same

GDB is free software and you are welcome to distribute copies of it
 under certain conditions; type "show copying" to see the conditions.
There is absolutely no warranty for GDB; type "show warranty" for details.
GDB 4.16 (i386-unknown-freebsd), 
Copyright 1996 Free Software Foundation, Inc...
Core was generated by `Kaffe'.
Program terminated with signal 11, Segmentation fault.
Cannot access memory at address 0x20017080.
#0  0x200288d9 in ?? ()
(gdb) quit

Did I do something stupid?

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