Cygwin problems

Pavel.Roskin at Pavel.Roskin at
Thu Jul 16 10:45:58 PDT 1998


Can anybody explain me why the configuration files for cygwin are placed in
config/i386/win32/cygnus, 4 levels below of the distibution root? All other
configurations are placed 3 levels below, for example config/parisc/hpux or
config/alpha/linux. I think, files from config/i386/win32/cygnus should be
moved to config/i386/win32 while directory config/i386/win32/cygnus should
be removed.
It could be also useful to get latest config.sub and config.guess from IMHO it is better to use
official sources and do all non-official system name canonicalization (if
somebody still needs it) in or somewhere else.

Sincerely, Pavel Roskin.

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