Problems with Swing on Kaffe

Ryan Heise rheise at socs.uts.EDU.AU
Fri Jul 17 00:11:37 PDT 1998

On Thu, 16 Jul 1998, Peter C.Mehlitz wrote:

: On Thu, 16 Jul 1998, John A. Kassebaum wrote:
: >I compiled a class using the swing 1.0.2 libaries.  When I run it, and
: >also
: >when I run Sun's swing demos, I get the following error:
: >
: >    java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: java/awt/peer/LightweightPeer
: >
: >Any ideas?
: Indeed.. we don't have peers (there is no need for them - everything except of
: Windows are "lightweights"). But - since this is a internal implementation thing
: - I wonder how it is referenced by swing. Anyway, swing compatibility is on our
: list and we will look into this (in hope that there are no other java.awt
: implementation internals used by swing)

I don't understand why you chose not to use the existing peer framework. It
seems entirely feasible to implement your Java look and feel by using the
Toolkit interface defined by Sun, plus you wouldn't break existing
applications. Aren't those methods on Toolkit you choose not to implement
required by the PersonalJava standard you claim to conform to?

One more thing, I really like the idea of drawing the look and feel of awt
using Java code, but I'm wondering why you didn't use the swing classes for
that. When you're running swing applications, it looks silly having two
look and feels in the same application.

Apart from that, good work on the code so far, and thanks for releasing it
under GPL!

Ryan Heise                   
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