Cannot find essential class 'java/lang/Object'

Brian Lund blinx at
Fri Jul 17 02:15:51 PDT 1998

>I just installed kaffe-1.0.b1 on linux 2.0.32 (libc5).
>However no matter what I try to run it returns:
>Cannot find essential class 'java/lang/Object' in class library ... aborting.
>I tried just about all the examples in the test/ directory and they all act
>the same.
>Any ideas what can be wrong?

I tried again on my debian system (2.0 frozen), and the exact same thing
happens, both when I install from source, and from a .deb package.

I follow the instructions in the README (configure; make; make install) and
still make test, and every other app I try to run fails with that error.

I straced it, and it seems it's looking for Objects.class which I seem to be
missing - do I need any class files from SUN?


- Brian Lund
blinx at

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