Biss JDE ?

Peter C.Mehlitz peter at
Thu Jul 16 23:06:46 PDT 1998

On Fri, 17 Jul 1998, John A. Kassebaum wrote:
>I saw the pretty pictures of the Biss-JDE on the Transvirtual Website
>I'ld like to try it out.  I was (unfortunately) totally unable to get
 any part
 >the biss-awt-0.94 stuff working with Kaffe 1.0b1 on Redhat Linux 5.1.
>Is there some trick to this, or do I not have the proper distribution?
>Any hints?  Is there a working JDE available?

To be honest, we have our own, internal version (guess why ;-), and I haven't
used the "official" one for quite a while. But if you tell me what your problems
are, we probably can patch that easily.

I guess I will add some more infos about the JDE(s) to the website.


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