unresolvable symbol in libkaffevm.so: sysdepCallMethod

Remi Lehn Remi.Lehn at irin.univ-nantes.fr
Fri Jul 17 05:29:18 PDT 1998

Hi there,

kaffe-1.0.b1 compiled succesfully on my sgi/irix 6.3 box,
but when I'm trying to run it all I get is this message :

15834:Kaffe: rld: Error: unresolvable symbol in
/usr/local/lib/libkaffevm.so.1.00: sysdepCallMethod
15834:Kaffe: rld: Fatal Error: this executable has unresolvable symbols

I compiled it with egcs-1.0.3a/n32 abi.

Thanks for any help.

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