m68k/Amiga porting

Thomas Frieden tfrieden at fax.uni-trier.de
Wed Jul 22 01:51:42 PDT 1998

jamesd at spirit.com.au wrote:
>  I am in the midst of compiling Kaffe 1.0b1 for the Amiga (m68k Geek Gadgets
>environment). I would be most happy to cooperate to get it working. Currently
>I am tracking down why the native functions in native functions in
>libraries/clib/native are all prefixed kaffe whilst they are referred to in
>external_wrappers.h with a prefix of java!
Just do a make wrappers in the same directory. The external_wrappers.h
seems to be an old file. Remaking it solved the problem for me.

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