compatibility kaffe <-> visual cafe?

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Fri Jul 17 07:57:34 PDT 1998

Not even close.  Visual Cafe is a RAD (Rapid Application Development)
tool built on top of Cafe, which is an IDE (Integrated Development
Environment) for Java.  It uses the JDK (Java Developers Kit) from
JavaSoft as its JVM (Java Virtual Machine), although it uses Symantec's
own Just-in-Time compiler.  As far as I know, this tool only runs on
win32 (Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0) environments.

Kaffe is designed to be a replacement, unencumbered JVM, not subject to
any of the Sun/JavaSoft licensing terms, since it is built strictly from
the JVM specification.  It contains none of the functionality of Visual


Julien Michielsen wrote:

> Some time ago I contacted a course on Java, and was told that
> one used the "Visual Cafe" development environment. As a Linux
> user I have little desire to get win95 on my machine, and I'm
> looking for an alternitive. This brought me to this list. The
> name "kaffe" might meen that kaffe is a close look-alike to the
> visual cafe. Then again I might be mistaken. Is there a close
> similarity between kaffe and the visual cafe?
> Thank you.
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