kaffe-1.0.b1 on Linux-AOUT

Michael Koehne kraehe at bakunin.north.de
Fri Jul 17 21:10:39 PDT 1998

Hy Folks,

	I've just greped the kaffe-1.0.b1 source and compiled it.

	Most funny I found half of my patches for 0.9.2 back in 1.0.b1.
	To be precise slib.h was readly for GNU_DLD, but external.c
	was'nt. Now I'm able to execute kaffe, but unfortunate its doing
	nothing.  The problem seam to be somewhere in the class loader.
	I've added some debuging into external.c, and regardless of
	classname I give on comand line I get the following result.

bakunin:/usr/src/java/kaffe-1.0.b1/test $ Kaffe HelloWorldApp
initNative: loadNativeLibrary(/usr/local/lib/libnative.o)
Library load (/usr/local/lib/libnative.o) success
Method = java/lang/System.initProperties(Ljava/util/Properties;)Ljava/util/Properties;
Native stub = 'java_lang_System_initProperties'
Method = java/lang/Throwable.fillInStackTrace()Ljava/lang/Throwable;
Native stub = 'java_lang_Throwable_fillInStackTrace'
Method = java/lang/Object.getClass()Ljava/lang/Class;
Native stub = 'java_lang_Object_getClass'
Method = java/lang/ClassLoader.init()V
Native stub = 'java_lang_ClassLoader_init'
Method = java/lang/Class.getName()Ljava/lang/String;
Native stub = 'java_lang_Class_getName'

	CLASSPATH is of course .:/usr/local/share/kaffe/Klasses.jar.
	If I remove it I'll get a "Cannot find essential class
	'java/lang/Object' in class library ... aborting." So I think
	Kaffe is executing some java code found in the .jar, but does'nt
	execute HelloWorld. Regardless wether I give and existing,
	or nonexisting class as ARGV, java_lang_Class_getName is allways
	the last native loaded function. There ist also no core, nor a
	class not found exeption ? Just plain nothing, if I disable the
	external.c DBG.

	Its 4o'clock in the morning, has anybody a clue ?

	It would be nice to delete the "Doesn't work on Linux 1.2.13"
	in the FAQ ;-)
 mailto:kraehe at bakunin.north.de		http://human.is-bremen.de/~kraehe

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