compiling kaffe debug

Kiyo Inaba inaba at
Sun Jul 19 20:17:01 PDT 1998

>Hi I have been trying to get kaffe to run on my sparc-linux box and have been
>running into some trouble so I am trying to build the debug version to 
>at least figure out where it is dying...  However when I build the debug
>version I am runnig into this error:

DEBUG flag has some write sync problem, and in general it is too
hard to figure out what's going wrong. It is better to use gdb
to find out where you get error. And, for the first try it is
better to use interpreter mode rather than jit mode.

So, what I recommend is
1. Compile with interpreter mode by
	configure --with-staticlib --with-engine=intrp
	make CFLAGS=-g
2. Run your program with gdb
	gdb kaffe/kaffe/Kaffe
   It will tell you where you get error.
3. Get the most recent method executed
   to get back trace.
   To find out the topmost frame whose function is 'virtualMachine',
   and set frame to this by,
	f <frame-number>
   Then type the name of method in this 'virtualMachine' func by
	printf "%s.%s\n",,


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