Building Kaffe 1.0b1 on Win95 with CygWin32 - dlltool error

Murray Cumming Murray at
Wed Jul 22 02:09:47 PDT 1998

I have been attempting to build Kaffe on Windows 95 using CygWin32 but
can't get past the following make error:

dlltool --def ./libmanagement.def --output-exp lib.exp --output-lib
libmanagement.a --dllname libmanagement.a
dlltool: Can't open def file ./libmanagement.def

Any ideas?

Here are the source code changes I have made to get this far, mostly
fixing the prob with system.h and System.h conflicting:

"c:\kaffe\include\system.h" //MHCKLUDGE
"c:\kaffe\include\system.h" //MHCKLUDGE
"c:\kaffe\include\system.h" //MHCKLUDGE
"c:\kaffe\include\system.h" //MHCKLUDGE
c:\kaffe\libraries\clib\net\PlainSocketImpl.c(16)://MHCKLUDGE #include
c:\kaffe\config\config-io.h(20):#if defined(MHCKLUDGE_HAVE_WINSOCK_H)

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