Building Kaffe on Win95 with Cygwin32

matt pyne matt.pyne at
Fri Jul 24 04:08:30 PDT 1998

This is due to the .\libraries\clib\makefile being in error.  Line 12.  Take
out the "awt" parameter from list.  It is caused by the fact that the awt
directory does not have a makefile because there is no windows compatible
source for the awt.  Alternatively you could make up a dummy makefile for
the awt directory.

Matt Pyne.

Murray Cumming wrote:

> I have been trying to build the latest snapshot. The problem with the
> libmanagement.def file is gone, but I now have the following make error:
> '*** No rule to make target 'All'. Stop.'
> Any ideas?
> Note, that I made the following changes to the source in order to get
> this far. In particular, the #include "system.h" should specify the
> correct directory to avoid conflicting with "System.h" in the Windows
> file system.
> Searching for 'MHCKLUDGE'...
> c:\kaffe\libraries\clib\net\PlainSocketImpl.c(16)://MHCKLUDGE #include
> <netinet/tcp.h> //'no such file or directory'
> c:\kaffe\libraries\clib\native\File.c(22):#include "../include/system.h"
> c:\kaffe\libraries\clib\native\ObjectInputStream.c(23):#include
> "../include/system.h" //MHCKLUDGE
> c:\kaffe\libraries\clib\native\ObjectOutputStream.c(21):#include
> "../include/system.h" //MHCKLUDGE
> c:\kaffe\libraries\clib\native\ObjectStreamClass.c(22):#include
> "../include/system.h" //MHCKLUDGE
> c:\kaffe\libraries\clib\native\System.c(31):#include
> "../include/system.h" //MHCKLUDGE
> c:\kaffe\config\config-io.h(20):#if
> defined(MHCKLUDGE_HAVE_WINSOCK_H)//'invalid macro name'
> Note also that I am using './configure i386-unknown-win32/cygnus
> --prefix=c:/kaffe'.
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