Building Kaffe on Win95 with Cygwin32

Murray Cumming Murray at
Fri Jul 24 04:01:07 PDT 1998

I have been trying to build the latest snapshot. The problem with the
libmanagement.def file is gone, but I now have the following make error:

'*** No rule to make target 'All'. Stop.'

Any ideas?

Note, that I made the following changes to the source in order to get
this far. In particular, the #include "system.h" should specify the
correct directory to avoid conflicting with "System.h" in the Windows
file system.

Searching for 'MHCKLUDGE'...
c:\kaffe\libraries\clib\net\PlainSocketImpl.c(16)://MHCKLUDGE #include
<netinet/tcp.h> //'no such file or directory'
c:\kaffe\libraries\clib\native\File.c(22):#include "../include/system.h"
"../include/system.h" //MHCKLUDGE
"../include/system.h" //MHCKLUDGE
"../include/system.h" //MHCKLUDGE
"../include/system.h" //MHCKLUDGE
defined(MHCKLUDGE_HAVE_WINSOCK_H)//'invalid macro name'

Note also that I am using './configure i386-unknown-win32/cygnus

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