Porting 1.0.b1 to hpux 10.10

Godmar Back gback at cs.utah.edu
Sat Jul 25 10:09:47 PDT 1998

> I set out to find this one, and I've discovered that 
> jthreadedFileDescriptor is called twice and with different kind
> of file descriptors. One is 'a typewriter' and the other 'socket'. At
> least they appear different since they gives error on different places.

 As you can see from the code, jthreadedFileDescriptor is called for
0, 1, and 2 (the stdio fds) at initialization time, except when debugging
is enabled.  This exception is overruled if -vmdebug ASYNCSTDIO is given.
Look at DBGEXPR in debug.h. 

After initialization, it will call jthreadedFileDescriptor for every new
fds it creates, independent of whether you compiled with DEBUG or not.

At first glance, your patch looks okay to me.  I'll have to look at it
in more detail.

> > I remember testing jthreads without Kaffe on some 9.x version of 
> > HPUX, but not very thoroughly.
> Did you ever get it out run?

 I ran basic tests successfully.

> Well, after applying the attached patch, it doesn't give the original
> error message. Now it stops with the following error (which I thought 
> that I shouldn't have since I'm still using jthreads): 
> Hello World!
>   But got instead:
> /usr/lib/dld.sl: Unresolved symbol: sysdepCallMethod (code)  from ../kaffevm/libkaffevm.sl
> Any ideas, anyone?

As was pointed out, you have to write it.  This is where the crux of
every porting effort lies these days.  Writing that will earn you the
title "Official Kaffe HP-UX Porter".  Your name and your email address
will appear in common.h for everyone to see. ;-)
Look at i386/common.h, sparc/common.h, m68k/common.h, arm/common.h, and 
alpha/common.h for examples.

	- Godmar

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