Bugfixes and Corrections for Kaffe 1.0.b1 / trying to start SWING 1.0.3

Wolfgang Mües wolfgang at wmsickte.escape.de
Sat Jul 25 12:29:58 PDT 1998

Am Fre, 24 Jul 1998 schrieb Wolfgang Mües:
>other things I have to do to in my attempt to run SWING
>a) implement Component.getTreeLock()
>b) implement ComponentPeer and LightweightPeer()
>Now, after all, I´m stuck in my tries to start SWING 1.0.3 with Kaffe. The
>error message is:
>java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: SimpleExample.<init>(LSimpleExample;)V
>        at SimpleExample.<init>(69)
>        at SimpleExample.main(141) 
>What is this method signature? Anyone can help me?

It looks like ´ve found the bug! It turned out to be a VM or classloader bug!

a) the SimpleExample.class file was get directly from the sun distribution of
swing 1.03. It was compiled with the sun java compiler.

b) next, i tried the SimpleExample.class, compiled with Kaffe. The bug went

So, you see: there is a difference in generated bytecode between kaffe/pizza
and sun jdk. The requested method is a constructor of a inner class:


the bug becomes obvious if you execute the kaffe/pizza version of javap.
It reports an error....

I´m afraid I´m not able of submitting a bugfix here... my knowledge of
classloader and method signatures is very bad. Any specialists out here?


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