Bugfixes and Corrections for Kaffe 1.0.b1 / trying to start SWING 1.0.3

Wolfgang Mües wolfgang at wmsickte.escape.de
Sat Jul 25 11:30:30 PDT 1998

at Sat., 25 Jul 1998 wrote Godmar Back:
> Send a unified/context diff.  If possible, send a short test case with 
>deterministic output that runs fine with Sun's JDK, fails with Kaffe before 
>the fix and succeeds after your fix.

"I´ll try my very best".
>> Now, after all, I4m stuck in my tries to start SWING 1.0.3 with Kaffe. The
>> error message is:
>> java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: SimpleExample.<init>(LSimpleExample;)V
>>         at SimpleExample.<init>(69)
>>         at SimpleExample.main(141) 
>The signature is a constructor for a SimpleExample object that takes
>another SimpleExample

Yes, i know... but SimpleExample doesn´t have such a constructor. It looks like
a copy constructor, and the SimpleExample class is a Singleton... On line 69 of
SimpleExample.java, we are inside the initialisation of static variables for
the SimpleExample class... and the initialisation is not finished yet. Any


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