Troubles when 'make' -ing kaffe-0.10.0 on MachTen 4.1

Aurel Mihailescu amihaile at
Wed Jun 10 07:08:08 PDT 1998

 Hello ,
 I tryied to compile kaffe-0.10.0 on my MachTen 4.1 ( Power PC Version )
 I've used   gcc ( f.2 ) which auto-installs  from the MachTen
installation CD-ROM .

 I followed the procedure described in the [..]/kaffe-0.10.0/README file
 I experienced the following error messages when compiling the kaffevm ,
and I can't continue anyway :
 ./systems/unix-internal/internal.c : In function 'reschedule'
 ./systems/unix-internal/internal.c :409 parse error before '?'

./systems/unix-internal/internal.c : In function 'Tcreate'
./systems/unix-internal/internal.c :716 parse error before '?'
./systems/unix-internal/internal.c :717 parse error before '?'

 I can't pretend that I'm an C/C++ guru , but looking on those lines ,
I couldn't find syntax error , nor something odd .

 Have anyone exeperienced something simillar ?

 Thank you ,
 Rick Mihailescu / Net Consulting / Romania 

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