java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: initializeSystemClass

Alicia da Conceicao alicia at
Sun Jun 28 21:24:12 PDT 1998

Godmar Back wrote:
> this problem has been showing up before, and apparently there is a
> version of out there where the system class does not have
> an initializeSystemClass method.  Since we cannot look at the code,
> we do not know why.  It is suspected that the version w/o the method
> comes from some Linux JDKs.
> You have three choices:
> * Get a that does have that method, like the one from
>   Sun.
> * remove line 112 (do_execute_java_class_method(...)) from
>   baseClasses.c
> * get the fix from the mailing list archives that checks for the
>   existence of initializeSystemClass and doesn't complain if it's
>   not there. (

Thanks for the advice.  I choose option #2, and it worked great for
non-graphical classes.  However graphical classes are a different
story.  I discovered that a number of libraries are missing, esp.
the AWT!  Since I have a working NetBSD i386 port of the JDK 1.15,
I copied over some of the missing libraries over to the Kaffe library
directory.  Unfortunately, I get following error message when I use
the kaffe appletviewer to run a graphical applet, which runs perfectly
under the JDK.

/usr/libexec/ Undefined symbol "_monitorEnter" called from
	kaffe:/usr/local/lib/kaffe/lib/ at 0x4012c1e8

I'm sure that there must be some way to get graphic (AWT) support for
Kaffe, so that it can run graphical applets with its JIT.

Any addition help would be most appreciated.  Thank you in advance.
Sincerely, Alicia.

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