java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: initializeSystemClass

Godmar Back gback at
Sun Jun 28 19:14:15 PDT 1998


this problem has been showing up before, and apparently there is a 
version of out there where the system class does not have 
an initializeSystemClass method.  Since we cannot look at the code,
we do not know why.  It is suspected that the version w/o the method
comes from some Linux JDKs.

You have three choices:

* Get a that does have that method, like the one from

* remove line 112 (do_execute_java_class_method(...)) from

* get the fix from the mailing list archives that checks for the
  existence of initializeSystemClass and doesn't complain if it's
  not there. (

I don't know whether we want to make option 3 the default.
It might be better to simply fail if the does not have that
method because there might be something else "wrong" with it too.  But
who knows.  We all hope the issue will become obsolete once TVT's
class libraries are out...

	- Godmar

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