What classes.zip?

Nathan Lutchansky Nathan_Lutchansky at legis.state.ak.us
Tue Jun 30 11:56:20 PDT 1998

The classes files from Linux, Win32, and Solaris 1.1.5 all seem to work
fine.  The Linux classes.zip required a patch to 0.10.0, but I'm not sure
whether 0.10.1 needs to be patched.  The 1.1.6 JDK classes.zip should
work, but I haven't tested it very much, myself. 

The 1.1 API has been supported as the standard since 0.9.x, I think.

Can someone familiar with the C libraries verify this?  -Nathan

On Tue, 30 Jun 1998, Mark Huizer wrote:

> what classes.zip should I use with kaffe 0.10.1?? there is no longer a
> package available, but using the classes.zip from jdk1.1.5 won't work
> (and USING_JDK_1_1 is in no source file, so I assume it can use 1.1 by
> default?)
> Greetings,
> Mark
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